Our services

We will supply you all necessary development and construction services.


We accelerate the growth of your business. We can help you with your projects. Based on our knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to deliver your projects as a whole or as a stand-alone services. The tendency to design top-of-the-line solutions, certification, the necessary human and technical resources to provide services are the guarantee that your project will continually move forward without any postponement or delay.

Professional services provided by KWD allow the use of different design and development methods. We have a wide range of special expertise for the entire product cycle.

1. Applied research and development

Every day we are looking for new information, materializing ideas and transforming our customers’ ideas and requests into reality, and we have dealt with this process since the foundation of society itself.

2. Design and construction work in mechanical engineering

A thorough acquaintance with the current state, a clear definition of goals, and determining how to achieve them are the core elements of each project and the basis for further construction. Each of our project has a proven logical sequence of operations that we can achieve to successfully create a new product.

3. Stress calculations and MKP / FEM analysis

Through finite element method ( FEM ) we verify our customer designs therefore to prevent possible future malfunctions and simultaneously prevent unnecessary over-dimensioning of products. We do (carry out) different types of calculations,such as: static and dynamic analysis, calculations on fatigue and lifetime, own frequency calculations, nonlinear analysis, fluids and gas flow calculations, including heat exchange etc.

Design calculations are required both to confirm or optimize the strength of the products or structures, as well as to save weight and to optimize deformations etc. Using the expertise of our experts in technical calculations, stress calculations, and FEM analysis, we can customize the proposed solution, save the cost of product development and accelerate the development process.

5. Developing a functional shape solution

Designing a shape solution or modifying designs based on our long-standing knowledge of the manufacturing process and practice. Making designs real taking into account functionality and costs.

6. 3D modeling

Each product and its parts are designed in a 3D CAD program as a spatial model, eliminating possible collisions in production or in operation. In a 3D model we can put the product into motion in real time, verify collisions and boundary values, determine responses, speeds and accelerations at individual points and nodes.

7. Elaboration (creating) of complete production documentation

From a 3D model, we create 2D drawings of parts, assemblies, and other documentation for product manufacturing and assembly. The appearance and description of the drawings is customized by the production practices of each of our partners or we follow our habits for deliveries to end users. Our production documentation is appreciated by our partners and customers for its quality, completeness and detail.

8. Prototyping and custom production, product testing

We provide the production of functional models and prototypes from the production of steel parts, through the purchase of aggregates to the final assembly of the product, thus verifying not only the functionality but also the correctness of the designed (planned) manufacturing processes. So we can assess the ability of the concept to meet the requirements and function of the product, its production or quality, and get feedback on the verification and completion of the product design process.

9. Converting 2D to 3D and vice versa

In product innovations, we encounter a situation where the starting point for the development task is the original and many times non-maintained 2D customer drawing documentation. Effectively and quickly, we can create a real 3D model of the original state, eliminate potential collisions and create the basis for innovative changes. After making changes and applying them to the 3D model we can create new and flawless production documentation.

10. Visualization and animation of 3D models, support for marketing

Rendering 3D CAD models and turning vision into a realistic object is one of the tools to help customers create a realistic picture of the product before its final production. We can also create animation or motion simulation to help promote the product before the end of development.