About us

We guarantee high labor productivity with excellent cost ratios for their implementation.

We are a long-term company in the field of design, development, production and design for a number of industries. Through our work, education, enthusiasm to the services provided and the way we communicate with our clients, we have gained extensive experience during our work and created a wide range of services in this area.

At the company KWD, we use CAD system SolidWorks to work on projects, which guarantees high labor productivity with excellent cost ratios for their implementation.

Our services can be divided into the following categories:
✓ applied research and development
✓ design and construction work in mechanical engineering
✓ optimization of design concepts
✓ processing of designer suggestions for engineering (machine) products
✓ creating of complete production documentation
✓ 3D modeling
✓ drawing documentation
✓ stress calculations and MKP / FEM analysis
✓ prototyping
✓ visualization and animation 3D models
✓ converting 2D to 3D or vice versa
✓ support in the field of promotion and advertising when placing the product on the market


Whether you are a large multinational corporation or smaller regional company, the attributes that together create the value of our company, we provide all our clients with no difference.

Attributes of our cooperation with you:
  1. Sophistication of the solutions provided and high quality of work and outputs
  2. Reliable and compatible delivery of required works
  3. Wide range of services and products
  4. Excellent overview in the area of construction and development
  5. Swift creation of projects
  6. Effective communication and flexibility in creating designs


Our vision is to be a company whose sophistication of design solutions is above standard and will be part of the renowned companies in this industry.


If you need to design a device for the automotive, rubber industry or any other industry, you can rely on the KWD team. We will provide you with advanced solutions for your project. We will cover it from developing a study through the production of a functional model to its installation and technical support when it is introduced into production.

From particular solutions, such as stress analysis or drawing documentation, we have grown to be able to completely cover all the necessary steps of the project. Today, we can serve our customers in industries such as automotive, rubber, agriculture, shipping or rail transport.

Reliable services and solutions for the development and construction of machines or production lines are delivered to local and foreign clients with a wide range of expertise and engineering skills in CAD programs. We use the SolidWorks CAD system to develop our concepts, designing devices, stress calculations to share the benefits within our development and design teams and client teams. This produces high work productivity and excellent cost ratio for CAD workstation / performance.


We are a professional team working with modern techniques (procedures). We have necessary hardware and software accessories that allow us to be effective and flexible. We work with full engagement on our client orders and our interest in the client and their project is always high from the beginning to the delivery of the agreed works.


Company Management

- Provides business and implementation conditions for projects. Responsible for delivering projects.

Development Team

- Suggests (creates) concepts and analysis projects

Construction Team

- Creates 3D models and drawing documentation

Implementation Team

- Implements and introduces the results of development and construction into practice

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